A man's footwear is literally his style foundation, and if there are cracks in the foundation, you risk the whole structure collapsing. It is perhaps more of a long-winded metaphor than a real consequence of the wrong choice of footwear, but nevertheless it illustrates the importance of which shoes you choose, in relation to the rest of your outfit.  

For the right choice of men's shoes, a number of basic considerations are needed, regarding stylistic coherence and the circumstantial context. We have collected the most prominent of these in this article, or style guide, so that you can easily navigate today's enormous selection of men's shoes and their various branches.  

 We start by chiseling the most important points in granite.  

 At Suit Club, we have a consistent belief that personal style is alpha omega when it comes to guiding people about their clothing. Just because a specific type of garment, or combination of garments, stylistically and historically is favored over others, does not in any way mean that this is universal law. In fact, we at Suit Club believe that your personal style should take precedence in your personal style expression. Your clothing should thus constitute a material manifestation of your personality. It may sound complex, but it simply means that your outside should reflect your inside. Dress how YOU want to.   

 With that said, there are of course some basic guidelines for what typically creates a desired aesthetic, and what possibly counteracts this. In general, your shoes should offer you range and versatility, so that they can be combined with several different suits or outfits without any issues. However, the modern and well-dressed man should acquire, if nothing else, a small selection of different varieties. Below we present our take on three iconic men's shoes and how they can be styled.  

Double monk straps 

Our double monk straps, available in brown or black leather, will surely become your footwear of choice when you need to build a refined and stylish look. The monk shoe manages to be a solid foundation, regardless of whether you are going to a wedding or to the office. This timeless silhouette is characterized by the iconic double closure mechanism and almond-shaped nose. These handmade men's shoes are invaluable in combination with a well-tailored suit. 


Our brogues, which are also available in brown and black leather, are truly a timeless classic. The simple and elegant silhouette is met by a complex pattern, which is shaped directly into the leather. This sophisticated men's shoe is ideal as the foundation for a complete suit, but can also be used as a starting point for a relaxed yet stylish everyday look, as the patterned design allows the shoe to work exceptionally well in less formal contexts as well. 


Our loafers, which are also available in brown and black leather, are possibly the most versatile and at the same time stylish shoes the modern man can have in his wardrobe. This timeless classic derives its stylistic strength from its overall simplicity. The shoe combines comfort and class effortlessly with its simple and comfortable construction and its understated and elegant details. These men's shoes can truly take you straight from the marina to the dinner party, whether you choose to wear them with a suit or for example a more laid-back linen look.