In modern times, the polo has become a relatively overlooked and sometimes undervalued item of clothing. This is perhaps because the polo has become popular as part of work uniforms, or sometimes associated with certain groupings that most people do not necessarily want to be associated with in terms of personality or style. However, these predominantly negative associations, which this wonderful and classic top is semantically coupled with, do not represent the polo and its existential justification. We therefore believe it is time to put the polo back in the spotlight and give this timeless classic the attention it truly deserves. The polo is, some would say, the most successful combination of comfort, mobility and style of our time. Naturally, such a culturally recognized and time-enduring piece of clothing does not appear out of thin air with such a complete and complex legacy.

The classic polo shirt, which has formed the stylistic foundation of the modern polo t-shirt, had its origins in 1920’s England and was dedicated to the sporty gentleman, mainly golfers and polo players. It can be said that the modern polo still serves the same purpose as its ancestors, namely to allow the style-conscious and well-dressed man to move freely and elegantly in a classic silhouette. Thus, our take on the timeless polo t-shirt is the ideal top for merging functionality and formality. 

The polo is perfect for those days when you can't be quite sure where your plans will take you, but want to be prepared for every outcome or destination. The Polo is ideal for such a constellation in its almighty versatility. A well-fitting polo shirt can easily be the perfect choice for both informal and relatively formal situations.  

At Suit Club, we have selected a simplistic range of classic men's polo t-shirts. They will no doubt be able to be styled for a dinner with your loved ones or normal everyday life at work. Our philosophy is to be able to deliver the style classics that the modern man of the world needs in his wardrobe. After that, it is up to you to decide how you choose to complete your look with a classic polo.