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Historien om Suit Club | Blog fra

The story of Suit Club

It is an honor for Kaan and I to welcome new members to Suit Club.   As part of that welcoming comes a three-part article series, which tells the story of Suit Club, told by the founders.  

Sommerens mest trofaste outfit | Blog fra

The summer's most trusted outfit

Linen has been man's faithful companion long before Instagram trends and air conditioning. Linen has been used for thousands of years and appreciated for its unique, natural properties. In this article, we've put together an overview of why linen, the gift that keeps on giving, is an immortal style icon and not just a seasonal internet trend.  

Den moderne mands skridsikre mulighed for at kombinere stil og komfort | Blog fra

The modern man's best option for combining style and comfort

In modern times, the polo has become a relatively overlooked and sometimes undervalued item of clothing. This is perhaps because the polo has become popular as part of work uniforms, or sometimes associated with certain groupings that most people do not necessarily want to be associated with in terms of personality or style.

Den perfekte herresko til dig | Blog fra

The perfect men's shoe for you

A man's footwear is literally his style foundation, and if there are cracks in the foundation, you risk the whole structure collapsing. It is perhaps more of a long-winded metaphor than a real consequence of the wrong choice of footwear, but nevertheless it illustrates the importance of which shoes you choose, in relation to the rest of your outfit. 

Suit Club

The Suit Club Experience

The Suit Club Experience is a campaign film that shows how simple and easy it is to order suits from  How easy is it to buy a suit from Suit Club? almost too easy… 

Vi tænker på miljøet | Blog fra

Environmental consciousness

Climate change and global warming are some of the biggest challenges of our lifetime. Although the problem itself is relatively simple at its core, the solutions are far more complex and unquestionably require us as a global society to pull together.