The tie , the suit's most faithful companion, is dedicated to the accomplished man, who wants to express elegance, balance and ambition. At Suit Club, we always recommend investing in the finished look. That's why every tie in our range has been designed to perfectly complement our suits, and at the same time be an expression of your personal style.

However, not all men know how to tie a tie. That's why we've created a guide, so that you can easily figure out the right tie knot and unlock your suit's full potential.
Here, we show you how to tie an oriental tie knot, which is our contestant for the nicest and most simple tie knot you can make. 

An oriental tie knot is a very simple knot, and it is particularly suitable for the more substantial and thicker types of ties. In addition, it goes well with all types of shirt collars, making it a sure winner. So, when you need to wear a tie to a business meeting, wedding or another formal event, follow these simple steps.  

As said, the procedure is quite simple:

  1. Pass the tie around the neck, under the shirt collar, so that you have the wide end of the tie on the left side and the narrow end on the right side.

  2. You then bring the wide side under the narrow side, so that you now have the wide end on the right side.

  3. Then you pass the wide side over the knot that has just been formed, so that you again have the wide end in your left hand.

  4. Now bring the wide side under the knot, along your neck, and up.

  5. When you have taken the wide side up along the neck, then lead it down through the knot that has formed.  

By now you should have made an oriental tie knot. The knot can be tightened by pulling on the wide end of the tie, while it can be brought closer to your neck by pulling on the narrow end.  

When you have made a nice tie knot, you could complementarily combine the tie with a matching handkerchief.

You can learn how to fold your handkerchief by clicking here