The suit is one of the most elegant, timeless and stylish items of clothing a man can own. However, it is naturally required that the suit fits properly. If it fits incorrectly, it can quickly appear unprofessional and sloppy. There may therefore be certain complications, that are important to be aware of when buying a new suit, especially when shopping online.

At Suit Club, we have a mission of putting an end to this problem, once and for all. We believe that we have taken a big step in the right direction with the launch of our unique size finder, which was brought into the world to help you find just the right size for you. Approximately 20 seconds and 3 simple steps, that's all it takes with our intelligent sizing algorithm.  

Although we have come a long way with our size guide, we are of course aware that style, fashion and comfort require a human touch. If you have doubts about how your suit should fit? we have made a list below, with our recommendations for how you can ensure that you look sharp and your suit is well-fitted.  

The perfect shoulder width  

We start from the top. The shoulders are clearly the most important place where a modern suit must fit perfectly. The shoulders are the backbone of the blazer, and therefore the blazer must rest over your shoulders when the suit is worn, so that the blazer lies flat, without folds, over your shoulders. The stitching of the blazer, where the shoulder and sleeve meet, should line up with where your arm meets your shoulder. This means that the stitching on the suit should sit where the rounding of the shoulder becomes your arm.  

You can often tell when the blazer does not fit on the shoulders, as it will form folds/waves at the shoulder if the blazer is either too wide or narrow.  

Avoid neck folds  

It is sometimes happens that small folds form just below the neck when you try on a new suit. This may be because the blazer is designed for a different body composition than yours. This can of course also be due to the suit being the wrong size for you. Neck folds should in any case be avoided, and if you try on a suit where this is the case, it can also be fixed by a tailor.  

The blazer should fit your chest  

The lapel of the jacket (the part of the collar that goes down to the top button of the blazer) should lie flat on your chest, when wearing the blazer in a natural position. If it rises slightly above your chest, it means the jacket is too small. In such a case, we therefore recommend that you try to go up a size. European fit style suits are good as they are more form fitting than classic suits. All suits from Suit Club is made in European fit, with the aim of creating the perfect fit for the modern man.  

The sleeve length should match your shirt  

Another important detail when it comes to the expression of one's suit is the length of the sleeves. If the sleeves are too long, it can give the impression that the whole suit is too big, although this may not be the case. The sleeves should preferably match the shirt you wear underneath. A rule of thumb regarding the length of the blazer's sleeves is that they should preferably be 1-2 cm shorter than the shirt - we call it the golden ratio. That way you can see the edge of the shirt. It is important that the blazer does not cover the entire edge of the shirt and that it covers the seam of the shirt cuff. The sleeve length can easily be adjusted by a tailor if the rest of the blazer fits otherwise.  

The length of the jacket  

The length of the jacket is an often overlooked detail when it comes to the fit of a suit. A good way to measure it is with the help of your own two hands. If you wear the suit and let your arms hang naturally, the blazer should go down to around the middle of your hand. It should preferably not be above your hand or further down than your fingers.  

The (in)famous top button  

It is important when wearing the blazer that you can button the top button of the suit without difficulty. At the same time, you should be aware that the blazer must still fit around the waist. It is worth mentioning that you should make this assessment standing up, as the blazer should always be open when you are sitting down anyway. If the jacket is too small, it will most often be seen on the lapels of the jacket, which will lift off your torso.  

The perfect rear  

The trousers should flow lightly over your underwear and legs. That way, your pants will also fit around the rear. If, for example, folds form under your buttocks, then this is a sign that the trousers are too tight and therefore too small. If, on the other hand, they are too loose, then it will be visible in the legs. It is important, if you are going to have the suit trousers tailored, that they should rather be too loose than too tight. If the trousers are too tight, it is almost impossible for a tailor to do anything about them, as they have almost no fabric to work with.  

The waist in the pants  

Although a belt is always a good companion for a suit, you should still focus on how the trousers fit without a belt. The trousers should be able to stay up without using a belt. However, the waist can also be adjusted by a tailor, easily and cheaply.  

Have the trouser length adjusted up or down  

Personal style, in its very nature, is personal. Therefore, this list should be seen as a guide, rather than a set of rules. This is especially important to keep in mind when you have to find the right trouser length. We recommend that when you try on the trousers, you should make sure that they go down to the edge of your shoes. However, this is a matter of taste. Some prefer it this way, while others prefer the trousers to be shorter, so that the ankles are free and visible.  

Many suit shops fail to hem the trousers, as they expect the customer to take them to a tailor anyway to have them hemmed. It is therefore very normal to have the leg length adjusted by a tailor, as leg length and preference vary greatly from person to person. Therefore, this can also be done easily and cheaply by your local tailor. It is possible to have the length added or subtracted, depending on what is desired.  

Our trousers are designed at a length we think suits the modern and stylish man - there is, of course, still the option to have our trousers tailored up and down.  

Have you found your new suit in just the right size and fit, but feel that the last detail is still missing? Then we recommend refining your look with a tie , a pocket square or a combination of the two.